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BIO-SPEAR is environmentally safe and can be easily applied to virtually any surface or fabric. The active ingredient in BIO-SPEAR creates a non leaching, positively charged polymer that chemically bonds to treated surface, creating an anti-bacterial cleansed area lasting for up to ninety days.

Directions For Fabrics and Linens Application

On bedsheets, blankets, bedspreads, curtains, draperies (washable only), underwear, socks, intimate apparel, hosiery, throw rugs, towels, toilet tank covers, shower curtains, shoe insoles, outerwear apparel (jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, raincoats, jerseys and ponchos).

Bio-Spear can be applied to fabrics made of acetates, acrylics, cotton, fiberglass, linen, Lycra, nylon, orlon, polyester, polyethylene, polyolefins, polypropylene, rayon, silk, spandex, vinyl and wool.

The active ingredient in Bio-Spear is effective against odor causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae.


Dilute 8 ounces of Bio-Spear per gallon of water (2 oz. per quart; 1oz. per pint). Use warm water as this will aid application. There is enough active ingredient in an 8 oz bottle to treat 12-14 lbs of fabrics. Use appropriate sized wash basin or tub for dipping/soaking the item you are treating. Use enough Bio-Spear solution to completely submerge item. Add all the items you are treating at the same time and ensure all areas are immersed in the solution Keep item in solution for 3 minutes. Remove item and wring excess liquid from treated item. For larger items (e.g. bedspreads, curtains, draperies), place in washing machine on spin cycle to aid in the removal of excess liquid. Test staining and color-fastness of fabric and carpets by treating and drying a small concealed area prior to application.

Do not reuse solution after dipping/soaking. Dry treated articles before use. Substrates can be hang-dried at room temperature or at temperatures to a maximum of 160ºC (320ºF); (for example, in a clothes dryer). If necessary, reapply Bio-Spear every 6 months or when odor, staining and discoloration due to bacteria, mold stains, and mildew stains return.


Dilute 8 ounces of Bio-Spear per gallon of water (2 oz. per quart; 1oz. per pint) and add to a spray container. Spray items that need protecting making sure they are evenly covered and allow to dry.

First Aid:

Eyes: Flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; if irritation persists, get medical attention.

Skin: Wash with soap and water, if irritation persists, get medical attention. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air, if not breathing, give artificial respiration. Ingestion: Give the person sip a glass of water is able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting, call poison control or doctor immediately for treatment advice.

Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage and disposal.

Pesticide Storage: Store in original, tightly closed containers below 30ºC (86ºF) and above 0ºC (32ºF) in a secure area inaccessible to children and away from food or feed.

Pesticide Disposal: Wastes resulting from the use of this product may be disposed of on site or at an approved waste disposal facility. (For homeowner use the statement will read: "Pesticide Disposal: Wastes resulting from the use of this product may be disposed of on site").

Container Disposal: Triple rinse (or equivalent). Then offer for recycling or reconditioning, or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill, or incinerate, or, if allowed by state and local authorities, dispose of by burning. If burned, stay out of smoke. (For homeowners use statement will read: "Container Disposal: Securely wrap original container in several layers of newspaper and discard in trash").

EPA Registered

Groundbreaking patented Bio-Spear in a containerantimicrobial nanotechnology that works by not migrating or diffusing away from the substrate like nano silver.

Benefits of Bio-Spear

  • Unique bonding technology
  • Long-term residual protection
  • GREEN - does not leach or deplete like nano silver
  • Efficacy proven through independent testing
  • SAFE - uses no poison or heavy metals like nano silver – Proven independent toxicology testing
  • Cannot create super bugs
  • Approved for porous and non-porous surfaces and fabrics
  • Easily added to finish cycle for manufacturers and commercial laundries
  • Water-based product for safe field applications (hospitals, oil rigs, mass transit, aviation, day cares)

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