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BIO-SPEAR is environmentally safe and can be easily applied to virtually any surface or fabric. The active ingredient in BIO-SPEAR creates a non leaching, positively charged polymer that chemically bonds to treated surface, creating an anti-bacterial cleansed area lasting for up to ninety days.


This study was designed to evaluate virucidal activity of surfaces treated

While we do not claim that Bio-Spear can help to control viruses we have conducted tests and this can be viewed as a pdf report.

This study was designed to evaluate virucidal activity of surfaces treated with one test product versus Swine-like HINI Influenza A virus strain AlCalifomia/04/2009 (CDC ID #2009712047). The virucidal efficacy of the treated surfaces was determined by comparison with that of an untreated surface. The surfaces tested were white cloth treated with Bio-Spear and untreated white cloth, each tested in three replicates. The test virus suspension was inoculated onto the test and control surfaces and dried at ambient temperature. The first group of the inoculated test and control surfaces was eluted with the appropriate elution solution immediately after drying. The suspension was serially diluted and plated onto Madin Darby Canis Kidney (MDCK [ATCC #CCL-34]) cells. The second group of the inoculated test and control surfaces was exposed for 30 minutes after drying. Following exposure, the virus was eluted, diluted, and plated onto MDCK cells.

The Test Product, Bio-Spear Treated white cloth, reduced the infectivity of the test virus an average of 2.08 IOglO (99.17%) after Zero time exposure (immediately after drying), and an average of 5.25 IOglO (>99.99%) after a 30 minute exposure. The Control Product, untreated White Cloth produced average reductions of 1.67 IOglO (97.86%) after Zero time exposure (immediately after drying), and 2.251og10 (99.44%) after a 30 minute exposure. Statistical analysis was performed using a two-factor Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to evaluate differences in virucidal efficacy of the Test and Control Products. The loglO reductions of the test virus population were used for analysis. The reduction produced by the Test Product at time Zero was not significantly different from that of the Control Product (untreated). The approximately equivalent recoveries produced by the Test and Control surfaces were due to the reduction of Influenza virus population due to drying.

After 30 minutes of exposure, the reduction produced by Bio-Spear treated surface was significantly greater by 3.00 loglO than that of the untreated surface (p 0.005). A 30-minute exposure of the epidemic strain of Influenza A HINI demonstrated significant virucidal activity of cloth treated with Bio-Spear

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A comprehensive 19-page report is available in a PDF format; please download or read on line by clicking the download link in the box on the right of this page.

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Groundbreaking patented Bio-Spear in a containerantimicrobial nanotechnology that works by not migrating or diffusing away from the substrate like nano silver.

HINI Surface Protection Report

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